It’s Busy a World

It’s Busy a World


The world of a small business operator is a crazy mixed up place! There is no other way to describe the journey. You are the IT department, the HR Department, the Contracts Depart, the Sales Department, Finance. You get the picture; the buck stops with you on every facet of your business.

This includes marketing and in this modern world the advertising landscape has never been noisier or more fragmented. Just how do you wisely spend your marketing dollars and get a real return for your investment.

I know business operators who just spread their money thinly across lots of forms of marketing and cross their fingers and hope they get a result. Surely in this technological age we can do better than that!

We live and breathe promotional products and smart marketing at Red Energy Promotions. It’s what we sell but it’s what we use as well. When we go into meetings we always have an ice breaker and I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is the best conversation starter ever invented! If you can’t start a friendly chat with someone after giving them something fun or useful you should give it away.

If you are really talking with your potential client aren’t you half way there? Haven’t you done the most important thing in the sales cycle? You’ve made a connection.

Next time you are thinking about an advertising campaign give some real thought to “Smart Marketing”. It’s the unfair advantage you have been looking for. Your competitors will want to know what your secret to success is.