What are the Top 10 promotional products for your Sporting Team?


Red Energy Promotions offers a wide variety of promotional products for your team.

Quality equipment and gear are important to any sports team. But sometimes the school sports department or club manager needs to add a little extra character to a team’s image. Sports team marketing is easy to do with the right promotional products.

These top 10 items are great for players and supporters and will keep players in the game and proud to represent their school or club.

Top 10 Sports Team Apparel and Equipment Product Ideas 

1. Water bottles

Whether it’s practice, game time or off season workouts, your players need to maintain hydration and stay healthy. Inspire them to drink more water all day long with team water bottles customised with your club and sponsors logos.

2. Performance apparel

In or out of the game itself, your players need the very best in performance apparel. Do right by your team with quality shirts, singlets, shorts and skorts from trusted suppliers.

3. Sports bags

This athletic must-have is the kind of custom product for athletes to bring their gear to training or game day.

4. Jackets

From netball to football no athlete can go without his or her jacket. A hoodie, vest or spray jacket is a must for any team, helping players stay relaxed, calm and limber before their game. Plus, printed with your team and/or company sponsor, this is a great advertising tool.

5. Caps & Visors

Promotional caps & visors are a fantastic team investment for players and supporters on a sunny day

6. Bumper stickers

Custom bumper stickers offer fans and parents a unique way to show their support, also a great way acknowledge your sponsors.

7. Sports balls

Ever wanted your team to practice with tailor-designed soccer balls, footballs, netballs or other equipment? Now you can get custom sports balls with your team or school name printed proudly across their fronts.

8. Umbrellas

Supporters will be prepared for all the elements, rain or shine.

9. Sports towels

Keep them feeling fresh with a sports towel or as an end of season gift for their effort.

10. Marquees & Signage

A great way to show off your team and its sponsors logos. Your team will be front and center with banners and a marquee to unify the players.

In need of new sports gear or want to add promotional products to your sports team’s marketing campaign? Red Energy Promotions are The Brand Behind Your Brand.