Marketing Works

Marketing Works

TEAM RED: Beau Worsley


‘Quality over quantity’ – cut the wastage from your marketing budget.

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘quality over quantity’, you will understand what we are about to share with you.

After meeting with a client bringing an event to Queensland, they shared with us, that for a single event, they had committed $20,000 in radio advertising, plus an additional $10,000 on newspaper and television and were yet to see significant ticket sales.  Their problem wasn’t the message they were using, but more their expectation.

In this local market, the total viewership, listenership and readership of the advertising mediums they chose didn’t have enough reach to give them enough success for their investment.  In fact, they found that social media was delivering more for them and costing much less.  We came into the conversation after the marketing strategy had been locked in but were quickly able to provide low-cost, targeted product ideas and direction for where they should target in order to boost ticket sales.  A lesson learnt for them and thankfully we could help them to create the success they needed.


  • Be Where Your Audience Is. If your potential customers are females aged 25-45, put your brand in front of them where this type of person is found most.  Traditional advertising has too many competitors these days and requires large budgets to overcome the wastage experienced when talking to large numbers of people your message is simply not relevant to.
  • Logic Rules All. If you are going to embark on a campaign – look at the total potential unique audience that you have access to then, target the platforms that will work best for promoting your brand/event/product/service to them.
    • Direct Mail
    • Portable and Outdoor Signage
    • Social Media interaction (prize giveaways and value-add)
    • Editorial (often more powerful than advertising, because it has credibility)
  • What’s In It For Your Customer? One of the most successful ways of changing a person’s behavior is by acknowledging and rewarding them.  Value-adds, gifts by redemption and promotional giveaways are seen in every industry… because they work.  They are also great because you are spending money where money is made (incentives are directly linked to sales).

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  The team at Red Energy Promotions have a huge collective experience in advertising agency, newspaper, radio and television advertising so can assist you with finding that balance.

We are here to help you create success and more than happy to show you how we’ve helped our other clients with promotional marketing and merchandise solutions.  If you haven’t used us before, join the RED REVOLUTION and find out how we can be… the brand behind your brand.