Something Different

Something Different

TEAM RED: Darryl Watherston

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Right now, the appetite for ‘something different’ in the marketing world is huge, and its why businesses are looking to company’s like Red Energy Promotions for a point of difference in the cluttered world of advertising.

Newspaper subscription is declining, television is being splintered with the introduction of more pay for view channels, digital radio stations offer the ability to play music without Ad’s and Newspapers are being squeezed hard by free content online… it’s getting very hard to get your message or brand noticed in this complex digital world, what the industry calls ‘cut through’

Gone are the days of the milkman waking you up at 4am with rattling bottles as he runs up your driveway, the paper delivery boy who throws the paper on the roof or service station attendants that pump your petrol and cleans your windscreen. Now, we email Coles for the milk, read the news online and pump our own petrol….everyone is looking for a way to cut costs while still getting the job done.

On the other hand, consumers are also demanding more. Franchised food outlets, coffee chains and media are having to reinvent themselves to attract new business or keep the business they already have because consumers are looking for those touches they used to get, the little things that made those interactions both memorable and valuable… that connection we all seek as humans.

So, how do businesses give their clients that experience cost effectively on a personal level when the rest of the media world is creating distance and clutter?… give them something personal, useful and memorable, something they actually want.

As a business owner, what do you need to do?, what do you need to ask yourself?

  • If I was the customer what would I want to get?
  • If my target works at a desk, what can I give them that will live on their desk?
  • If they work in the field, can I give them something they can use?
  • For the person that just wants ‘something for nothing’, what will can I give them that appeases their goal but gives me recognition and value?

The Golden Rule?… stand out from the clutter, let people see who you really are and best of all give them something others would want to steal!