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Red Energy Promotions Gold Coast are giving you the chance to WIN a $3,500 holiday package, simply by placing an order or referring a colleague who orders during the month of October. To contact our team about discussing the promotional item, branded gift, uniform/clothing, printing or signage product right for you. Contact our office on 07 […]

Understanding The Science Of Persuasion

Have you ever asked yourself, what makes one person more successful than another? Or, a certain business more profitable than their competition? Maybe you’ve tried to imitate them and increase your sales but couldn’t get the same results? Yes, you can attribute their success to luck, position, charisma, or economic power but this is definitely not the whole picture. Although […]

Tiz the Season To Be Outdoors

Tiz the Season To Be Outdoors Everywhere you look we are reminded that the 25th December is just around the corner and there is no better time to start planning events to kick start the New Year. Summer has arrived and with it the warmer weather just screams sporting events, concerts and festivals. So pack […]

Something Different

Something Different TEAM RED: Darryl Watherston Right now, the appetite for ‘something different’ in the marketing world is huge, and its why businesses are looking to company’s like Red Energy Promotions for a point of difference in the cluttered world of advertising. Newspaper subscription is declining, television is being splintered with the introduction of more pay […]

How to Get The Right Products in the Right Hands

How to Get The Right Products in the Right Hands TEAM RED: Justin Veivers At Red Energy Promotions, we believe in the power of promotional products and here are some tips to help you get the best bang for buck when using promotional products. Give some thought to the process… how will you get the right […]

Marketing Works

Marketing Works TEAM RED: Beau Worsley ‘Quality over quantity’ – cut the wastage from your marketing budget. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘quality over quantity’, you will understand what we are about to share with you. After meeting with a client bringing an event to Queensland, they shared with us, that for a single event, […]

What are the Top 10 promotional products for your Sporting Team?

Red Energy Promotions offers a wide variety of promotional products for your team. Quality equipment and gear are important to any sports team. But sometimes the school sports department or club manager needs to add a little extra character to a team’s image. Sports team marketing is easy to do with the right promotional products. […]


Floor and counter advertising is a proven method to increase brand awareness and drive sales.   Did you know that up to 82% of purchasing decisions of customers are made in-store. The decision to purchase is significantly increased when a POS display with the respective brand is present in-store.  Retailers must recognise that in-store advertising is […]


Where else besides a trade show can you potentially stand face-to-face with thousands of future customers, show up your competition, and maybe even walk away having turned a profit? Success at a trade show, however, requires a lot of planning, hard work, and most importantly, visibility. You want attendees to see you and know you […]

What are Promotional Products?

What are Promotional Products? TEAM RED: Rowland Percy What are Promotional Products? Promotional Products are a tangible marketing tool – any item that is printed, embroidered, engraved or embossed with a company name, logo or message is a promotional product. Questions to consider when organising a Promotional Product Campaign 1. What do you want to […]

Old School Marketing

Old School Marketing TEAM RED: Darryl Watherston I had the good fortune to be able to listen to a guy over the weekend talking to a small group of people about marketing and customer service. Now I’ve been to many seminars, listening intently to identify the next big thing in the marketing world ….you know, […]

It’s Busy a World

It’s Busy a World The world of a small business operator is a crazy mixed up place! There is no other way to describe the journey. You are the IT department, the HR Department, the Contracts Depart, the Sales Department, Finance. You get the picture; the buck stops with you on every facet of your […]

New Financial Year

Business Branding Audit TEAM RED   The new financial year is a golden opportunity to review your company branding to ensure it meets the standards you are trying to reflect to your customers. Some of the areas to review are: Signage – permanent and temporary signage Staff Uniforms – professional and comfortable for all staff […]

Promoting your business through brand awareness

Promoting your business through brand awareness TEAM RED: Bill Yow   At Red Energy Promotions, part of our approach to pursue new customers is in the tried and trusted way of cold calling. We research an area, calling on businesses, talking to business owners, managers, and receptionists in order to gain a feel for their […]

(Brand) promises are meant to be kept

(Brand) promises are meant to be kept Beau Worsley | Team RED There’s an art to showing that you are different to your competitors and very few businesses get it truly right (regardless of their size and marketing power). When communicating to your customers, a lot of businesses fall in the trap of repeating perceived […]

Motivating your audience

Motivating your audience Shannon Dawes | Team RED At Red Energy Promotions, we believe that a well-placed promotion can make a significant difference to your brand.  In some cases, it can also make you famous (or infamous).  Companies of all sizes across the globe try to grab their share of spotlight to consumers who are bombarded […]

Tips for a successful marketing plan (and the results that follow)

Tips for a successful marketing plan (and the results that follow) Darryl Watherston | Team RED   Brand Awareness, tactical marketing, SEO, SEM, geo-marketing, gorilla marketing……There are so many ways to spend your advertising budget and every salesperson can give you a legitimate reason as to why you should spend a part of your budget with […]