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Understanding The Science Of Persuasion


Have you ever asked yourself, what makes one person more successful than another? Or, a certain business more profitable than their competition? Maybe you’ve tried to imitate them and increase your sales but couldn’t get the same results?

Yes, you can attribute their success to luck, position, charisma, or economic power but this is definitely not the whole picture. Although these factors are important, science also plays a significant role in success.

We all have the power to capture the public, influence the undecided and motivate purchases. There’s no magic involved, simply scientific knowledge. Robert Cialdini, a professor of Social Psychology at Arizona State University, has conducted a series of investigations on the operation of persuasion in real life. Based on his research, the theory of persuasive communication has been developed and the Six Principles of Persuasion are:

  1. Reciprocity – we feel obliged to give if we have been given something.
  2. Scarcity – if it’s scarce, we want it more.
  3. Authority – we are more likely to comply with a request if it is coming from a perceived authority/expert.
  4. Consistency – we want to be consistent with our past commitments, even if the initial commitment is much smaller.
  5. Liking – we like people who are similar, who give us compliments and who co-operate with us.
  6. Consensus – if others (especially similar others) are doing it, then we are more likely to do it ourselves.

Here at RED, we know ‘reciprocity’ plays a big part in the success of promotional products, giving someone a gift definitely increases the chance of them remembering you and what you do, and in turn, increases the likelihood of them giving you their business in the future.

When you give the gift is important too. Too early and it might get overshadowed by the conversation or, negated altogether if the interaction doesn’t go as planned? Giving a gift is often best done at the successful conclusion of the interaction, almost as a parting thank you for their time… showing that you valued the interaction and wanted to recognise it with a gift.

The other time gift giving can work really well is the ‘surprise gift’, something sent unexpectedly that breaks through the clutter of someone’s day and leaves an impression on them.

No matter how you choose to deliver it, choosing the right gift is critical. It needs to be relevant to the interaction you’ve had, or would like to have, so your message resonates and stays with them.


10 Essential Promotional Products for Your Next Fitness or Sporting Event



With the healthy lifestyle and fitness becoming increasingly more popular these merchandise ideas offer incredible advertising for your next race or sporting event and will help influence more people to sign up in the years ahead. The top 10 product ideas are:

  1. Event T-shirt or singlet: the top item for any race. The shirt acts as a billboard, proudly worn by participants of your race for years to come. Make sure your logo is one to be remembered and if you have future events, be sure they are mentioned/advertised.
  2. Cap or visor: a product that many people do not remember to bring and many need for sun protection. Runners will be sure to wear your headwear when preparing for your next race and while doing so spread the awareness of your event.
  3. Bottled Water: staying hydrated is crucial for any race. You could also put a coupon on the label and encourage racers to remove and keep the label for a future discount.
  4. Water Bottles: every athlete needs a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and it is another great billboard for your race’s brand.
  5. Cooling Towels: keep your competitors cool and dry while giving them a product that lasts.
  6. Sunscreen: The sun is going to be scorching down on the runners, so make sure they lather up with sunscreen.
  7. Earbuds: What athlete doesn’t identify with Rocky Balboa and listen to Eye of the Tiger to persevere through a challenging run? Why not give out a set of earbuds? They will be thankful and it is another item that will stick with the participant.
  8. Arm Bands: to keep with technology items many smartphones have apps that can keep track of race times and distance these armbands are a great giveaway.
  9. Sunglasses: The sun will be out in full force so make sure their eyes are protected. They will be sure to reuse them especially in all the fun colours we offer.
  10. Drawstring Bags: You need to put your giveaways in something. These bags are great for carrying gym clothes and other personal items.

To find out how the team at REP can enhance your next event call 1300 325 977

Tiz the Season To Be Outdoors

Tiz the Season To Be Outdoors


Everywhere you look we are reminded that the 25th December is just around the corner and there is no better time to start planning events to kick start the New Year.

Summer has arrived and with it the warmer weather just screams sporting events, concerts and festivals. So pack away the hoody and scarf, break out the bikini and thongs and let us help you start planning your next outdoor event.

Promotional products, merchandise and giveaways are a great way to look after your clients or guests and an excellent opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Here’s our Top 5 Promo Products to promote your next Event

  1. Custom Trucker Caps: Caps are like prawns on a BBQ – watch everyone queuing up to get one!
  2. Water Bottles: By keeping everyone refreshed you will ensure your brand is on everyone’s lips.
  3. Stubby Coolers: Nothing says summer better than the stubby cooler – put your brand on a stubby cooler and it’s guaranteed to stake the claim of “Man of the Match” at your next event.
  4. T-Shirts: The perfect souvenir item for everyone and the added bonus is it will become your brands walking advertisement for years to come.
  5. Tote Bags:  Picture this, there’s the wallet, the sunnies, the cap, the camera, the phone, the refreshments, the picnic blanket, the esky, the car keys and then the dilemma of how to carry everything? – solve this simply by putting your brand on a reusable tote bag and they’ll love you forever.

Who doesn’t absolutely love a summer outdoor event?   While everyone is having a ball we’ll show you how to get your brand on their heads, in their hands and on their backs and you’ll love knowing your brand is getting some unbelievable advertising.


Something Different

Something Different

TEAM RED: Darryl Watherston

Image result for light bulb with think different

Right now, the appetite for ‘something different’ in the marketing world is huge, and its why businesses are looking to company’s like Red Energy Promotions for a point of difference in the cluttered world of advertising.

Newspaper subscription is declining, television is being splintered with the introduction of more pay for view channels, digital radio stations offer the ability to play music without Ad’s and Newspapers are being squeezed hard by free content online… it’s getting very hard to get your message or brand noticed in this complex digital world, what the industry calls ‘cut through’

Gone are the days of the milkman waking you up at 4am with rattling bottles as he runs up your driveway, the paper delivery boy who throws the paper on the roof or service station attendants that pump your petrol and cleans your windscreen. Now, we email Coles for the milk, read the news online and pump our own petrol….everyone is looking for a way to cut costs while still getting the job done.

On the other hand, consumers are also demanding more. Franchised food outlets, coffee chains and media are having to reinvent themselves to attract new business or keep the business they already have because consumers are looking for those touches they used to get, the little things that made those interactions both memorable and valuable… that connection we all seek as humans.

So, how do businesses give their clients that experience cost effectively on a personal level when the rest of the media world is creating distance and clutter?… give them something personal, useful and memorable, something they actually want.

As a business owner, what do you need to do?, what do you need to ask yourself?

  • If I was the customer what would I want to get?
  • If my target works at a desk, what can I give them that will live on their desk?
  • If they work in the field, can I give them something they can use?
  • For the person that just wants ‘something for nothing’, what will can I give them that appeases their goal but gives me recognition and value?

The Golden Rule?… stand out from the clutter, let people see who you really are and best of all give them something others would want to steal!


How to Get The Right Products in the Right Hands

How to Get The Right Products in the Right Hands

TEAM RED: Justin Veivers

Image result for promotional products

At Red Energy Promotions, we believe in the power of promotional products and here are some tips to help you get the best bang for buck when using promotional products.

Give some thought to the process… how will you get the right promo product into the hands of your clients and will it have a real wow factor?

Sometimes it’s the little subtle things you do that give the gift real heart and soul.

Products to suit your business. When you’re looking through our selection of promotional products, you want to go with products that target your audience best. For example, if you run a gym, you might want to purchase a bunch of water bottles with your gym’s name on them to encourage hydration. If you’re selling brand new cars, a plastic pen to reward a client just won’t work, but an overnight bag or travel rug will leave your customer in no doubt how much you value their business.

Make it fit for purpose In addition to picking products that will reflect your individual business, you also need to determine what purpose these products will serve. For example, are you simply trying to generate awareness for your business? Or, are you trying to find a product to reward your top-end clients? Or, are you simply looking for a gift to go with purchase? Defining your purpose will not only guide your product choice but it will also dictate your budget.

Think end result. People will always take a free pen from you but when it comes to promotional products, it’s a good idea to find something that you know will really resonate with your customers. Products with a retail feel, branded with your logo are an excellent option. Also, think about the packaging as much as the product… the opening of a gift box is still one of the greatest treats in life.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, because that’s why our team at Red Energy Promotions is here. We can step you through the process and bring the latest and best ideas to the table to help you get the right products in the right hands and truly make your business stand out from the crowd.


Marketing Works

Marketing Works

TEAM RED: Beau Worsley


‘Quality over quantity’ – cut the wastage from your marketing budget.

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘quality over quantity’, you will understand what we are about to share with you.

After meeting with a client bringing an event to Queensland, they shared with us, that for a single event, they had committed $20,000 in radio advertising, plus an additional $10,000 on newspaper and television and were yet to see significant ticket sales.  Their problem wasn’t the message they were using, but more their expectation.

In this local market, the total viewership, listenership and readership of the advertising mediums they chose didn’t have enough reach to give them enough success for their investment.  In fact, they found that social media was delivering more for them and costing much less.  We came into the conversation after the marketing strategy had been locked in but were quickly able to provide low-cost, targeted product ideas and direction for where they should target in order to boost ticket sales.  A lesson learnt for them and thankfully we could help them to create the success they needed.


  • Be Where Your Audience Is. If your potential customers are females aged 25-45, put your brand in front of them where this type of person is found most.  Traditional advertising has too many competitors these days and requires large budgets to overcome the wastage experienced when talking to large numbers of people your message is simply not relevant to.
  • Logic Rules All. If you are going to embark on a campaign – look at the total potential unique audience that you have access to then, target the platforms that will work best for promoting your brand/event/product/service to them.
    • Direct Mail
    • Portable and Outdoor Signage
    • Social Media interaction (prize giveaways and value-add)
    • Editorial (often more powerful than advertising, because it has credibility)
  • What’s In It For Your Customer? One of the most successful ways of changing a person’s behavior is by acknowledging and rewarding them.  Value-adds, gifts by redemption and promotional giveaways are seen in every industry… because they work.  They are also great because you are spending money where money is made (incentives are directly linked to sales).

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  The team at Red Energy Promotions have a huge collective experience in advertising agency, newspaper, radio and television advertising so can assist you with finding that balance.

We are here to help you create success and more than happy to show you how we’ve helped our other clients with promotional marketing and merchandise solutions.  If you haven’t used us before, join the RED REVOLUTION and find out how we can be… the brand behind your brand.


What are the Top 10 promotional products for your Sporting Team?


Red Energy Promotions offers a wide variety of promotional products for your team.

Quality equipment and gear are important to any sports team. But sometimes the school sports department or club manager needs to add a little extra character to a team’s image. Sports team marketing is easy to do with the right promotional products.

These top 10 items are great for players and supporters and will keep players in the game and proud to represent their school or club.

Top 10 Sports Team Apparel and Equipment Product Ideas 

1. Water bottles

Whether it’s practice, game time or off season workouts, your players need to maintain hydration and stay healthy. Inspire them to drink more water all day long with team water bottles customised with your club and sponsors logos.

2. Performance apparel

In or out of the game itself, your players need the very best in performance apparel. Do right by your team with quality shirts, singlets, shorts and skorts from trusted suppliers.

3. Sports bags

This athletic must-have is the kind of custom product for athletes to bring their gear to training or game day.

4. Jackets

From netball to football no athlete can go without his or her jacket. A hoodie, vest or spray jacket is a must for any team, helping players stay relaxed, calm and limber before their game. Plus, printed with your team and/or company sponsor, this is a great advertising tool.

5. Caps & Visors

Promotional caps & visors are a fantastic team investment for players and supporters on a sunny day

6. Bumper stickers

Custom bumper stickers offer fans and parents a unique way to show their support, also a great way acknowledge your sponsors.

7. Sports balls

Ever wanted your team to practice with tailor-designed soccer balls, footballs, netballs or other equipment? Now you can get custom sports balls with your team or school name printed proudly across their fronts.

8. Umbrellas

Supporters will be prepared for all the elements, rain or shine.

9. Sports towels

Keep them feeling fresh with a sports towel or as an end of season gift for their effort.

10. Marquees & Signage

A great way to show off your team and its sponsors logos. Your team will be front and center with banners and a marquee to unify the players.

In need of new sports gear or want to add promotional products to your sports team’s marketing campaign? Red Energy Promotions are The Brand Behind Your Brand.




Floor and counter advertising is a proven method to increase brand awareness and drive sales.   Did you know that up to 82% of purchasing decisions of customers are made in-store.

The decision to purchase is significantly increased when a POS display with the respective brand is present in-store.  Retailers must recognise that in-store advertising is a highly effective method in maximising their marketing efforts.

One of the simplest and most cost efficient forms of POS is the humble floor & counter mat.  The floor is often overlooked making floor advertising unexpected and engaging.  Floor and counter advertising is easily managed and can be simply repositioned and updated as the need arises.

Apart from the fact that a great design is visually appealing, consumers are programmed by nature to pay attention to the ground to see where they’re going.  Floor advertising grabs customers’ attention and likewise with counter advertising.  Having the flexibility to change the message provided to customers at the point of purchase is extremely powerful and keeps your marketing efforts relevant and fresh.

At Red Energy Promotions we understand that it is the little things that mat-ter.  We are experts in POS advertising, let us show you how to best maximise your marketing dollar to ensure your brand is top of mind.




Where else besides a trade show can you potentially stand face-to-face with thousands of future customers, show up your competition, and maybe even walk away having turned a profit? Success at a trade show, however, requires a lot of planning, hard work, and most importantly, visibility. You want attendees to see you and know you before they can prefer you (over competitors).

Display Your Brand…and Don’t Hold Back

A trade show is a smorgasbord of brand exposure. When you design your booth, go big. Use bright, bold visuals in, on, and around you and your booth. Make it easy for attendees to see and, more importantly, remember your brand. Maximize these real estate options:

Booth backdrops, banners, and signage
Custom-printed t-shirts
Displayed merchandise
Printed handouts—product catalogs, trade show flyers, etc.
Promotional giveaways

Show Off Your Products

Use interactive presentations to showcase the best features and benefits of your product offering. Keep demonstrations brief and concise; you may have only seconds to make an impression on attendees who are trying to cover a lot of ground at the show. Broadcasting over a microphone will allow for more people to hear your polished presentations. At the end of each demo, include a
call-to-action that directs spectators to sign up, buy, or share their excitement.

Send Your A-Team to the Show

Current and prospective clients will interact with your staff face-to-face at the trade show booth, so every impression counts. Send those employees with the most product knowledge, professional experience, and eloquent presentation skills. If your company conducts most of its business online, use this opportunity to demonstrate integrity and authenticity to customers. The right people in attendance can make your trade show a great success!

Entice the Masses on Social Media

Leverage your brand’s influence on social media to bring people to you and interact in real-time. Create custom banners with hashtags then post photos and live comments to remind followers where you’re located and to divulge the shenanigans you’re hosting. You can also hold contests for attendees through social media to incentivize a visit to your booth, complete with brand-influenced personalized games and handsome prizes. Keep it light and festive—if you’re having fun, chances are attendees will want to join.

Think Outside the Booth

Most of the action will happen on the trade show floor, but take advantage of other visibility opportunities:

Teach a workshop focusing on a hot industry-related topic
Host a trade show contest
Sponsor a portion of the trade show
Partner with other businesses—take turns speaking in each other’s booth or cohost a panel discussion

Before you start planning your next Trade Show, make sure your brand message is strong and cohesive. We can help you with signage, wall banners, poster’s, pull up banners, giveaways, merchandise, flyers, pens, notepads & business cards – in fact, anything with your brand on it!


What are Promotional Products?

What are Promotional Products?

TEAM RED: Rowland Percy


What are Promotional Products?
Promotional Products are a tangible marketing tool – any item that is printed, embroidered, engraved or embossed with a company name, logo or message is a promotional product.

Questions to consider when organising a Promotional Product Campaign
1. What do you want to achieve from your campaign? (what do you want your clients to do?)
2. Who is the target audience? (age, sex, occupation etc)
3. What role will your sales force play in your promotion? (delivery, promotion, motivation?)
4. What is the time schedule of your promotion? (how long will it run for?)
5. What is your client worth to you? (their lifetime value)
6. What is the budget for your campaign? (and how is it to be broken down? – support material, advertising, quantity of product, delivery etc)
7. Is there a corporate image or theme to your campaign? (is it for an event, branding or a launch?)

My recommendation is to take a few minutes to discuss these questions BEFORE you start planning your campaign because it will SAVE you time and money in the end. There is no point offering stubby coolers as an incentive to buy wine is there? A Wine Bottle Cooler is obviously going to make more sense. There is no point in directing a campaign aimed at women and giving them stubby coolers unless you are promoting a new beer targeting women in particular. No point suggesting shower timers if there is no running water in the community to be targeted as I recently discovered. A dynamo torch may be much better received in this case if power supply is an issue.

Also, when selecting a promotional product, consider the following:
1. Product life expectancy – if you want a pen to last 12 months, there are plenty that you shouldn’t buy.
2. Appropriateness and rate of usage or how often? – no point giving a jacket to someone in a tropical environment unless it’s a rain jacket.
3. Perceived value to client – we sell to you as wholesalers of branded goods where, in most cases, there is 100% markup in value if the items were to be retailed.
4. Uniqueness or novelty of product – eg will it be a talking point. The most popular mugs are white and chunky. Why? They are cheap! The most talked about mugs change colour when you add hot water.
5. Does it compliment your business? Here you need to consider the appropriateness for your business. Don’t use confectionery for a dental campaign just because it’s cheap? If you want to manage costs then consider a temporary tattoo or a drink bottle to promote the merits of drinking water.
6. Actual Cost. You need to consider how you are going to get these items to the client. Postage will play a part.
7. Can the product be part of an ongoing marketing concept? – bar-coded products come to mind. Key rings may be used for many ongoing promotions.
8. Distribution Plan – who receives it and how? Do you go to the clients or do they come to you?

And perhaps the most important … don’t always choose products on price alone. Better quality or more durable products can last longer and be much more cost effective over the long term.
This is what we call CPE (Cost Per Exposure). If you pay 50c per pen BUT it is only used a few times for whatever reason, that is what we call a very expensive pen. Instead, if you were to offer a Parker Pen and have it used for the next 10 years, that’s got to be a great result and you cannot put a dollar figure on that sort of advertising.
We have a saying here at Red Energy promotions that sums it up nicely… ‘make your promotional products worth stealing’

Marketing 101

Old School Marketing

Old School Marketing

TEAM RED: Darryl Watherston

Marketing 101

I had the good fortune to be able to listen to a guy over the weekend talking to a small group of people about marketing and customer service.

Now I’ve been to many seminars, listening intently to identify the next big thing in the marketing world ….you know, that magical silver bullet that’s going to save everyone’s business or make you that fortune that you know is only just around the corner.

Greg owns a Franchised business in Townsville and as he was explaining, the town has been doing it tough since the slowdown of the mining sector however his business has shown growth every year for the past 9 years and didn’t have a “bookface” (Facebook)site as he called it!

He went about explaining that he’s concentrated on “Old School Marketing”, now I know this is going to seem foreign to many gen Y’s out there but Greg actually talks to his clients, he sends hand written notes to say thank you and he takes responsibility for his and his businesses actions. He makes a point of knowing his customers, their families and is genuinely interested in their lives and what’s going on around them.

We’ve all heard the old school saying that people buy from people they like and if your customers have never met you how can they like you?

So the next time you’re thinking about sending an EDM or email try picking up the phone and calling one of your clients, you’ll be surprised at the result.


It’s Busy a World

It’s Busy a World


The world of a small business operator is a crazy mixed up place! There is no other way to describe the journey. You are the IT department, the HR Department, the Contracts Depart, the Sales Department, Finance. You get the picture; the buck stops with you on every facet of your business.

This includes marketing and in this modern world the advertising landscape has never been noisier or more fragmented. Just how do you wisely spend your marketing dollars and get a real return for your investment.

I know business operators who just spread their money thinly across lots of forms of marketing and cross their fingers and hope they get a result. Surely in this technological age we can do better than that!

We live and breathe promotional products and smart marketing at Red Energy Promotions. It’s what we sell but it’s what we use as well. When we go into meetings we always have an ice breaker and I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is the best conversation starter ever invented! If you can’t start a friendly chat with someone after giving them something fun or useful you should give it away.

If you are really talking with your potential client aren’t you half way there? Haven’t you done the most important thing in the sales cycle? You’ve made a connection.

Next time you are thinking about an advertising campaign give some real thought to “Smart Marketing”. It’s the unfair advantage you have been looking for. Your competitors will want to know what your secret to success is.


New Financial Year

Business Branding Audit




The new financial year is a golden opportunity to review your company branding to ensure it meets the standards you are trying to reflect to your customers. Some of the areas to review are:

  • Signage – permanent and temporary signage
  • Staff Uniforms – professional and comfortable for all staff to wear
  • Stationery – from business cards to flyers and catalogues
  • Merchandise – client gifts, event giveaways and staff rewards

Your company branding is the first and most important impression your customers use to determine the professionalism and standards of your business. Take the time to review your current branding today or contact one of the REP team for a FREE branding audit.

Be the Brand your clients remember!


Promoting your business through brand awareness

Promoting your business through brand awareness

TEAM RED: Bill Yow



At Red Energy Promotions, part of our approach to pursue new customers is in the tried and trusted way of cold calling. We research an area, calling on businesses, talking to business owners, managers, and receptionists in order to gain a feel for their business. Following this, we leave them with a copy of ‘the Red Book’ and gift them a Red Energy branded promotional product to build the relationship. In a world that’s filled with talking to machines, the human element allows us to understand a business more thoroughly.


We call this RED BOOKING.


So when I am out in the market place RED BOOKING, I am truly amazed by the number of business owners that state they do not need to promote their business through the use of promotional merchandise. They simply rely on word of mouth, their good service or their reliable product to do their talking. They sit back and hope that this will be enough to ensure their customers return. What doesn’t surprise me is the amount of businesses that have been established a long time and fail. In today’s market place, this type of marketing strategy is simply not good enough.


For any business whether new, established, large or small, developing and maintaining brand awareness is a crucial aspect in helping a business obtain and sustain sales growth. With the use of the right promotional product, a business can ensure the consumer or client will remember their brand message, which in turn leads to new and repeat business.
A recent survey by the PPAI (Promotional Product Industry Association – USA) showed that of the people that were given a promotional product within in the last twelve months, 88% of those surveyed could remember the advertiser and the message on the product they were given. That’s a phenomenal statistic and testament to the fact ‘people love value – free stuff’!


Promotional products have a high reach and potential for top of mind recall, but most importantly, are a cost effective medium to increase and sustain brand awareness. Coca Cola is the number one known brand in their category and they still market 365 days a year, because staying top of mind is about marketing your business when it’s both sunny and pouring.


To know more about the effective use of promotional products, contact one of our Red Energy Promotions showrooms and let a branding expert show you what can be achieved for your business.brand-stickies


(Brand) promises are meant to be kept

(Brand) promises are meant to be kept

Beau Worsley | Team RED

There’s an art to showing that you are different to your competitors and very few businesses get it truly right (regardless of their size and marketing power). When communicating to your customers, a lot of businesses fall in the trap of repeating perceived benefits that the customer takes as implied or built into the price.

Let’s assume for a second that all of your competitors are offering these 2 elements:
• Good quality product
• Great service

So if you cannot explain quickly and succinctly why your product is different or how your service is better, let us ignore these 2 points and focus on what you can do to separate yourself from the pack. Communicate only the benefits

A Sunshine Coast based plumbing business was able to communicate how his service was better (and subsequently was very successful in the marketing of their business):
Their service promise consisted of:
• We will turn up when we promise to turn up
• We offer a fair price and a quality of work that we guarantee 100%
• We treat your home with care and take off our boots when working inside

Very simple, but highly effective. They identified all of the issues associated with their competition and tackled them all head on. But more importantly, they actually followed through on their service promise and their brand grew.

Once you have the message right, it is purely about getting it to market, we helped with elements such as direct mail printed and delivered to homes within their geographical reach, low-cost gifts that were given to each customer to thank them for their support and to reinforce they made a great choice and a consistent branding theme across work uniforms and vehicle signage.

The fitness industry was another great example of the ‘brand promise’ from 24/7 clubs like Jetts Fitness. It was identified that lock-in contracts, inflexible workout times, high weekly membership costs and bells and whistles that were rarely used by the majority of members. 24/7 clubs offered a solution without these issues and the rest as they say, is history.

If there is one element of your branding that needs more attention, I guarantee it is the brand promise to your customers that isn’t quite as defined as it should be. Red Energy Promotions has a core mantra and established systems, it has been this work completed in our early stages that has allowed the growth of the business. If customers are central to your business success, then ensure that their needs are identified, met and exceeded (it sounds basic, but you’d be surprised at how many brands lose sight of this).

For ideas on how to polish your brand and present to the market, talk to our team – every brand is different, therefore the successful approach needs to be responsive to your individual needs.


Motivating your audience

Motivating your audience

Shannon Dawes | Team RED

At Red Energy Promotions, we believe that a well-placed promotion can make a significant difference to your brand.  In some cases, it can also make you famous (or infamous).  Companies of all sizes across the globe try to grab their share of spotlight to consumers who are bombarded by over 5,000 selling messages per day.  The campaigns that stick to mind are clever/unique, showcased across a number of advertising mediums and supported by a hero promotional product that reinforces the campaign message.  In a lot of cases, clever campaigns come from small to medium businesses, as they need their marketing spend to stretch further than their multinational foes.

Would $4.00 motivate you to switch insurance providers?  Probably not.  Through clever marketing and a well-executed promotional campaign, a gift with purchase (GWP) incentive is doing just that.

Captain Risky – the anti-hero for insurance standing for everything that the industry runs a mile from.  Due to the kitsch nature of his look and personality, this character has become a cult figure.  From this, the offer of a bobblehead® in his likeness has become a huge driver of new business to the brand.



How to develop a campaign idea that sets your business apart?  One of the first and most important steps to do this is to understand your core customer, with this in mind, we can design a product that suits the target audience and will fit in with your needs.

  • How will the product be distributed? (size/weight may be an important factor)
  • Will this product improve the customers’ life in some way?
  • How can I make sure the product is relevant for my campaign message?

Some other great examples of redemption/gift with purchase campaigns include:

Cup-A-Soup Personalised Mug – purchase a 3-pack of Soup and send in the barcodes to receive your ‘free’ personalised mug (printed with your name).  The expected 30,000 mug production run was exceeded significantly (over 125,000 mugs were redeemed over the campaign).

Four’n Twenty Magic Salad Plate – resulted in a 37% increase in supermarket sales and the plates ended up selling on Ebay for over 15 times the original value.


Without the tangible element of the campaign (promotional product), the results would not have been anywhere near as effective.

When planning a promotional campaign for your business, it’s important to find the trigger that will generate a positive response.  If the product is a BBQ worth $1,000.00 – the offer of a $50.00 discount will do very little to generate a response.  A branded ‘BBQ Essentials pack’ costing $50.00 with a perceived retail value of $200.00 is far more likely to create a buzz.

This is the true value of promotional products, they are low-cost, designed for generating sales in the short term and long term, plus have a higher perceived value than their actual cost.

Where to begin?  Begin with a clear direction for what the campaign needs to do (generate new customers to a particular product/offer, retain existing customers, generate brand awareness etc).  From here you’ll have the basis of what the ultimate goal is and you can now engage a promotional marketing company to help you massage the campaign details.  For more information, contact the Red Energy team.

The word Marketing highlighted with red marker in a handwritten chart

Tips for a successful marketing plan (and the results that follow)

Tips for a successful marketing plan (and the results that follow)

Darryl Watherston | Team RED

The word Marketing highlighted with red marker in a handwritten chart


Brand Awareness, tactical marketing, SEO, SEM, geo-marketing, gorilla marketing……There are so many ways to spend your advertising budget and every salesperson can give you a legitimate reason as to why you should spend a part of your budget with them.

How many people see a sign or hear a radio ad while driving their car, slam on the brakes after hearing the ad and say “I have to go and buy that particular product now”…

Very few.  Consumers are very aware of the “sale on now” mentality, that it is expected for someone to have the product or service they are looking for on special. To develop a successful sales strategy you need diversity, persistence and a plan.

If you are looking at your marketing strategy or developing a new one, here are a couple of points to consider.


  • Measure your response to advertising and track your leads. Information and data is the key to a successful marketing plan
  • Repetition builds reputation. Decide what your message is going to be and keep telling people.  Dipping your toe in the water for a couple of weeks is going to do little for your business, Coca Cola brands their business 365 days per year and you should too.
  • Keep it simple. Tell people who you are, where you are and what you do. When someone is looking for goods or services that you supply, you want to be top of mind, make it easy for them to remember you.
  • Give your clients a reason to choose you. A great idea that will make their life easier or help them increase revenue, a small, memorable gift helps you build a better relationship with your customer.

Marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t have to spend a fortune to expose your brand.  For example: A simple, inexpensive branded gift at the next chamber of commerce meeting can be handed out, all of a sudden, you have touched a range of new business leads that you didn’t have before.  An A-Frame sign that is changed every day with a new message can help generate interest with passers-by.

If you are looking for a different way to communicate with your clients, why not have a chat to your local Red Energy Promotions office and see what product ideas can be put into action for your business branding.