Now is the time to join Australia’s favourite promotional marketing brand

If you are looking to own a business that thrives on creating branding and marketing solutions for its customers, then Red Energy Promotions may be a good fit for you.  Red Energy Promotions works with their clients to develop ideas that grow the clients’ brand and their performance.  We take a specific interest in the success of our clients and develop ideas to help our clients achieve their goals.  With a product range of over 30,000 products, we are never short of ideas to assist.  With such a diverse product range, we benefit from the ability to assist any business, sporting clubs or associations, as well as not-for-profit entities.  It is this diversity, along with our professional approach that allows our franchisees to be truly successful.

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Why Franchise?

Purchasing a franchised business has a number of differences to beginning a new business.  These are namely the access to proven business systems, improved purchasing efficiencies and a broader brand recognition/value in the eyes of your customers.  Couple these features with other assets such as a dominant online presence and one of the largest product ranges available, making Red Energy Promotions a unique business opportunity.

A franchise system, namely a Red Energy franchise will give you training by experts in the industry, establish favoured trading terms with suppliers and support you at launch and ongoing.  Instead of braving business alone, you have access to a network of ideas, marketing tips and feedback from a team of highly experienced promotional marketers.


Our franchise head office (FHO) assists all new franchisee with site selection, lease negotiation, showroom construction/setup and any staff hiring.  When you buy a Red Energy Promotions franchise, you are buying a complete turnkey business.


The Red Energy Promotions system is a leading model of doing business within the promotional products industry worldwide.  With an already-established system for you to follow, the system is designed to allow you productivity and success within your given territory.  A franchise also eliminates guesswork and errors that a common business owner would normally face.


The Red Energy Promotions brand is well known, our brand DNA stands for a business’ brand partner that delivers on what it promises to clients and has the widest range of promotional and brand marketing ideas in Australia.  Our corporate image also extends to our suppliers, whom we have cultivated great working relationships with – giving you (the franchisee) access to better than industry buying rates and a competitive advantage within the territory that you will service.  Our track record of success is a key component of your future success.


Each Red Energy Promotions team member gets access to ‘My Red Zone’, which is a comprehensive platform for access to any resource that may be required in business, as well as a custom-built order tracking for knowing where your jobs are in the production system.  It’s without equal in its class and available only to Red Energy Promotions franchises.  With additional features such as a team forum for sharing ideas, franchises get access to the best ideas from Australia and around the world.


The Red Energy Promotions team employs a hands-on approach to franchisee training, including a 1 week program at our franchise head office (FHO), complemented by in-business training support.  With our team working with you on product knowledge, customer needs and sales selling, combined with systems and production training – we ensure that franchisees are given each tool required for successful launch.  Training is an ongoing commitment with various supplier product knowledge updates throughout the year.


Franchise head office (FHO) assists all franchisees with various elements of the Red Energy Promotions marketing mix.  With marketing templates created for digital/print marketing to clients, the production of our annual ‘RED BOOK’ catalogue (the Promotional Product industry’s most comprehensive client sales booklet), as well as marketing/advertising through the franchisee marketing levy – there is plenty of support on-hand for the continued growth of your franchise.


When you buy a Red Energy Promotions franchise, you are never alone.  You have the support of the franchise head office (FHO), through your dedicated support manager, as well as the growing Red Energy Promotions family.  The shared knowledge pool throughout the team will continue to be an asset to create some of the most unique and creative ideas for your clients.


With your Red Energy Promotions franchise, you are given access to the full range of product ideas available and granted an exclusive territory in which to do business.  The geographical territories are spread sparsely (only 15 territories will be made available for Queensland – see opportunities page), allowing no shortage of opportunities for the savvy franchisee.  It is the Red Energy Promotions mindset to have fewer, more successful franchisees.
For more information please download a copy of our Franchise Booklet or Contact Us and we will be in touch shortly.

About Us & The Industry

Red Energy Promotions have created an impact in the promotional marketing industry.  Combining leading industry skills, creative thinking and access to one of the widest product ranges possible – Australian/New Zealand and PNG businesses have found a home for their branding needs.

Launched in 2004 by husband and wife team, John and Kylie Leach – after spending over 20 years in mainstream media, they saw fragmentation in traditional advertising and launched the Red Energy Promotions brand.  Quickly establishing itself as the only call a business would need to make for all branding needs, Red Energy Promotions has compounded growth year on year and is fortunate to work with some of Australia’s most successful brands.

Sharing the success with likeminded business people through franchising has been in planning since 2009, with the first Red Energy Promotions franchise launched in November 2012.  After careful review of identified sites across Queensland, Red Energy Promotions’ franchisees can expect a business solution that will allow them to be truly successful and bring a higher level of customer service (through the Red Energy experience) to the markets they serve.


Whilst traditional media rely on repetition to drive home a message, promotional products not only reach their target market, but stick with them for a longer period of time. It’s for this reason that promotional products are a low cost, highly effective vehicle for advertising.

For more than 200 years, branded items have been a vehicle of promotion and integrated their way into daily life, serving not only as useful tools, but as powerful, long-lasting advertising.  With benefits such as an inherent use, strong branding opportunities and recall as the items are used over and over during their life – the value of a promotional product extends many times beyond their traditionally low purchase cost. The promotional product spend in Australia is valued at over $2 billion annually, with a further $8 billion annually in business printing.  As a category, promotional products continue to defy other marketing trends, growing at a rate of 45% over the past 5 years.  With consumers being inundated with advertising messages every day – the challenge for businesses is to find a way to cut through the clutter and to not only reach their target market, but to resonate with them, promotional products are designed to do just that.

If you are interested in joining Team RED, contact franchise head office on 1300 325 977 or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

About You

To be successful in this opportunity, you will need to be experienced in dealing in a business to business (B2B) environment. Red Energy Promotions assists business owners/managers with all manner of branded clothing, promotional items and merchandise – so a drive to succeed and fulfil customer needs will ensure you run a very successful operation.

Within each territory is a plethora of business customers just waiting to experience Red Energy’s renowned service. A snapshot of your franchise is researched by head office with our market analysis conducted prior to franchise opening. The most fundamental role of a franchise is to expose your business to potential customers and maintain the level of service that have made Red Energy Promotions, the promotional product people.

All industry, product and decoration training is completed within our comprehensive training program (combination of initial head office training, on-the-job training within a mentor franchise and continued support within your own showroom).

The Opportunities

Red Energy Promotions aims to develop a network across Australia, New Zealand & PNG offering customers the most comprehensive range of ways to improve their business, all under the one roof.



I am interested in securing a Red Energy Promotions franchise – what is next?

Contact us by emailing and Team RED will be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further.

What areas in Australia can I open a Red Energy Promotions?

Click on The Opportunities link to see a list of our currently identified franchise locations. Please contact us should your preferred location not be listed to discuss further.

What qualifications/skills will I need to be successful?

B2B (business to business) sales experience will give the successful applicant a great platform to interact with new customers and convert opportunities. Where applicants do not have a strong history of this skill, we recommend the use of paid staff to assist with this core function.

What kind of training will be needed before I open my franchise?

Head office training prior to the launch of your Red Energy franchise
Time spent in a mentor showroom to experience the day-to-day requirements
Continued training within your own showroom with ongoing product/skills training
What investment level is required to open a Red Energy Promotions?

Red Energy Promotions is a turn-key franchise business; a new site includes an allocation for showroom fit-out, signage, product samples, and technology, plus all catalogues/marketing materials. Franchise costs do vary with location/market potential and can be supplied upon request.

Will I be required to source my own store location?

Head office will assist with site selection and financial modelling for establishing floor size and lease costs. Head office will also provide signage designs and showroom fit-out plans for the successful site.

What support is available ongoing to franchisees?

A full support team is on-hand for training and is backed up by regular site visits by head office team members. A dedicated head office operations manager is made available to you for your ongoing needs.

What resources will I need for a successful Red Energy franchise?

The most important factor for success will be the exposure of your business to your franchise territory. With printed collateral such as ‘the Red Book’, one of the promotional industry’s most comprehensive sales booklets – it will be important to get this booklet into the hands of your customers. Interacting with local business through networking and new business acquisition will grow your business.

Graphic Design services are a coveted service within the Red Energy Promotions business model. Head office provides all graphic design services for franchisees.