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About Us

Who is Red Energy Promotions?

Technically, we’re a specialist branding business providing other Australian businesses, Government departments, not for profit organisations, educational institutions, and sporting and recreational clubs with everything from branded uniforms and promotional products to merchandise and signage.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop branding shop that manages the full client experience – our team will support you from design concept to product sourcing, right through to warehousing and fulfilment.

But, this is our real story…


It was 2004 and the internet was really starting to impact upon a business’s ability to reach their target clients through mainstream media. With everyone going online, we recognised that the touch and feel of branded and promotional products would be even more appealing in a world of impersonal and intangible digital marketing – we were right! Our original bricks & mortar showroom concept, Red Energy Promotions was born.

Advertising Has Changed, Forever

The internet has changed the marketing world forever and Australia is no exception. The rapid growth of internet marketing and fast adoption of smartphone technology has fragmented traditional advertising, making it harder and harder to get your message heard, let alone remembered, over the thousands of images and marketing messages that bombard your target customers all day, every day.

So as a business how do you cut through? How do you build a brand that your customers will remember, become loyal to, and tell their friends about?

Some Things Never Change

Human beings are sensory creatures, we are constantly seeking new experiences and emotional connection. Branded and promotional products have that edge, that touch and feel that other marketing just can’t match. They make people smile, engaging them and providing that tactile connection lacking in so many of today’s marketing messages.

It’s So Much More Than Stuff

Promotional products used in a thoughtful way provide long lasting and tangible brand experiences, giving your business an incredible advantage over your competitors. It is for this reason that branded merchandise is a significant part of the marketing mix of leading Australian brands.

Your Success is Our Success!

We are in the brand building business, but our real passion is helping our clients to grow their businesses. Our team of branding nerds want to get to know you and your brand’s goals so that we can come up with fresh new ideas for helping you achieve them.


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