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You want to own your own business.

You’d like a business that’s sales, strategy and marketing focussed.
You want to help other businesses succeed through creative marketing solutions.
You’ve come to the right place.

We work with our clients to create branded marketing strategies that are distinctly THEM. Plans that help them build their brand and grow this business. We have a product range of over 30,000 products or can customise unique designs to achieve the success they desire.

Why? Our clients’ success is our success.

If you’re smelling what we’re cooking; you like it, and think your ambitions also have a reddish tinge, we want to hear from you!

You could be the next franchise superstar!

Be Your Own Boss

Why choose Red?

For starters, it’s a power colour and red ones go faster.

Seriously though, we’re all about joy, fun, creativity and success.

We help our clients’ brands succeed. We find them the very best branding solution’s so we can see their businesses prosper. THAT’S OUR JAM!
Who wouldn’t want to be involved in something as rewarding as that?!

Today, businesses can’t just be great at what they do. They’ve got to look great, be unique, jump out of that beige box and make themselves memorable. That’s where we shimmy on in! We help businesses stand out in an overwhelming sea of advertising messages.

Add to all this, comprehensive training, ongoing support and a kick-arse team that has your back 100% of the time and you’re onto a winner.

So, if you;

  • Are a successful B2B sales person
  • Understand the value of marketing in growing a business
  • Appreciate the importance of superior customer service
  • Are keen to be a driving force for your client’s brands? …and you’re;
  • Eager to hover backstage, while your clients stand out front and shine… contact us to become a franchisee today!

Red Hot Opportunities

What are you waiting for?

There’s Queensland territories waiting for an enterprising franchisee to take charge of them. This is your opportunity to climb aboard the Red Energy Promotions train! First stop: YOUR OWN BUSINESS & JOB SATISFACTION!

Keen to be involved out of Queensland? Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll contact you to discuss.

We cater for all types of business owners. Whether you’re an individual who wants to work as a standalone brand warrior, building your business in the local community or, you want to grow a bigger business, employ sales people and develop a multi salesperson operation, there’s a Red Energy Promotions territory that will fit.

We review the statistics and demographics within each territory so you can see where the strengths and opportunities lie then, decide what works best for you.


Gold Coast – SOLD
Brisbane South – SOLD
Brisbane Central – available now
Brisbane North – available now
Brisbane West –  available now
Toowoomba –  available now
Sunshine Coast – SOLD
Wide Bay –  available now
Rockhampton/Gladstone –  available now
Mackay/Whitsundays –  available now
Townsville –  available now
Cairns/FNQ – SOLD

Frequently Asked Franchising Questions

If you’re the type of person who desires to own your own business and be your own boss, then owning a franchise business might be a great way for you to achieve that.

Often, people are attracted to franchising because they want to go into business for themselves but not by themselves. The support of a fully functioning business system that already has proven results is appealing.

Franchising is not for everyone. Franchisors, by nature of the fact that they have developed the franchise system from an already successful business model, already have established standards and rules. This will sometimes mean they may make decisions you might not agree with. Before you invest, investigate, ask questions, and get a feel for the culture of the business as well as its potential rewards.

The promotional product and branded marketing industry is all about B2B sales so, ideally, you’ll already be comfortable connecting and engaging with business customers.

Branded uniforms, promotional products and merchandise play a huge part in building your clients brand culture and success so you’ll also understand that marketing plays an important part in the growth and success of any business.

Our most successful RED franchisees came from successful backgrounds in media sales, advertising and marketing but, if you’re smelling what we’re cooking and can see yourself helping other businesses succeed through creative marketing solutions, we want to hear from you!

Yes, a RED territory has defined boundaries so you know you can service your clients exclusively.

Our territory options are established based on the number of businesses contained within them so you can select a territory that suits you depending on how big a business you wish to grow.

We cater for all types of business owners. Whether you’re an individual who wants to work as a standalone brand warrior, building your business in the local community or, you want to grow a bigger business, employ sales people and develop a multi salesperson operation, there’s a Red Energy Promotions territory that will fit.

Typically yes. Our business hours are 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday, although we do finish at 3pm on a Friday so you can get those annoying errands out of the way before the weekend kicks in!

That said, our Franchisees service and support their clients when it works best for them so occasionally, you might find yourself being there to hand over finished product or help a client out after hours… that’s all part of the B2B sales game.

Absolutely. For example, Franchisees might choose to buy two neighbouring territories and manage them with a sales team.

We’re fully supportive of that and our support system allows us to help you make the most of a multi territory business.

No, you’ll start based from a dedicated home or serviced office while you build your business.

As your business reaches certain milestones, you’ll have the option to add support staff and a compact Showroom if you wish.

We can provide more information on this once we start to look at territories with you.

Normally, none. Our franchisee model is designed to provide centralised support services for most every function of the business so you can just focus on what you’re good at – selling.

Most RED franchisees choose to engage the services of a book keeper for a few hours a month to assist them managing their company books.

You’ll get business cards, uniforms, samples, self promo product, Red Book Branding Catalogues and marketing tools at training so you can hit the ground running as soon as you get back to your territory.

Additional or specific samples are available from your Franchise Support Office so you’re never short of the right products to show your client.

Unlike a lot of franchise businesses there are no huge setup or fitout costs involved with RED because you are dedicated home office or serviced office based. The total cost of a RED franchise will vary depending on a few factors including the territory you purchase, setup costs and cashflow.

The typical franchise fee for a RED business owner, depending on territory, would be between $45,000 – $75, 000 (ex GST).

We can provide more information on this once we start to look at territories with you.

Once you’ve finalised the paperwork, you could be up and running in your new RED franchise within a couple of months, depending on when you can undertake your Induction Training.

All RED franchisees undertake a two week Induction Training program, week one at RED HQ on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and week two, hands on in your Territory with our Franchise Support Team. RED is also there to help, train and support you ongoing as you build your business.

How long is piece of string. Earnings can vary widely and Red Energy Promotions cannot guarantee the earning potential of a franchise for a number of reasons; the most important of which is the dedication and application of the franchisee to following the system.

RED will provide the necessary financial data to prospective franchisees who successfully progress past the initial stages of the application process, allowing them to do their own due diligence.

Yes you can. RED franchisees can sell their business at any time during their franchise term, subject of course to the terms and conditions of their franchise agreement.

Like any industry, the value of an established businesses is based on the profit it generates so most RED franchisees plan to dedicate several years to building business profitability before looking to capitalise on their success.

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